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Inventory is the core of every business right from Manufacturer to Retailer and managing it effectively and accurately in the entire supply chain cycle is must for any business to flourish........

Production Planning

Production module enables the production manager to arrive at accurate cost of every Finished/Semi-Finished goods production batch along with wastage qty.....


Finance & Accounts is the secret key of every business which reflects the standing position of different aspects like Receivables & Payables, Incomes & Expenses......


Saky Textiles helps you quickly auto generate multiple purchase orders from Re-Order Levels report as well as record sales order that are ......

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Just imagine that if a single application fulfils all the needs of an industry, then how the application may be? That kind of application is “SAKY TEXTILES APPLICATION”

Saky Textiles is an Application to the textile industry. The application is designed primarily by keeping in the mind of the Indian Textile industry. This is a business management application which helps the entrepreneurs to smoothen their work process.

The leveraging of technology in various fields has shown the best results. Similar to that, this Application also shows a fantastic changes in the textile industry.

The application has been designed with much passion and dedication to satisfy all the needs of the industry. It is a process driven

The robustness and flexibility of the application paces the work process and helps in decision making.

We always believe in keeping our clients ahead of us as in their growth lies our growth. We come out of the way in order to fulfil our commitments and ensure our customers business continuity & growth.

We strive constantly to evolve and manage the best in class Application along with fantastic customer support & delightful user experiences.

We love what we do and are passionate to deliver excellence thru world class software solution that could measure and track every aspect of business which in turn could help entrepreneur’s analyses their business with clarity, save time & efforts, operate peacefully and moreover take wise decisions on time. Saky Textile, while dealing with textile products, planned to design a user-friendly Application which helps in both smoothening the business and speedens the production.

To achieve this, a passionate team from Saky Textiles has got into the development of the application and finally, the product is infront of you. i.e., “Saky Textiles”

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Saky Textiles, an user friendly Application, is the complete picturization of the textile industry working. The video will let you help to clear the abiguity if any.....



Saky Textiles helps you track the entire inventory flow with complete clarity ensuring nothing is missed out in the process. Saky Textiles application provides you multiple benefits helping you analyze demand forecasting, compare product movement trends across different seasons, track product movement & non-moving stocks, avoid over/under stocking and stock valuation based on different costing methods.








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SakyTextiles Application is an indigenous solution made exclusively for Indian Manufacturers. As a web-based and user-friendly Application, SakyTextiles Application is with data elements which is required for users in different departments. SakyTextiles Application enables users to connect on to a central system from all the branches/locations, departments. Its web-capability keeps the cost of maintenance at the lowest level also minimize the infrastructure cost.
No. SakyTextiles Application can be installed and configured on any local server of your office. If a dedicated IP is configured on the local server, all other location can connect on the Application server by typing the IP on the URL bar of their respective browser.
Not only resource ERP helps business grow but also it further provides the feasibility to adapt business dynamics. SakyTextiles ERP can be configured without any programming assistance to adapt the new process of the new product. Besides, SakyTextiles Application is range compatible, which simply means, no matter how big you are or you grow, SakyTextiles Application can be expanded to fit to any range.
Yes. Modules can be purchased individually. Some modules have integrated functionality and it is advisable to purchase dependent module together.
Through this web-based model, we brought the broader scope by linking all parts of the organization with their respective departments, branches, customers, suppliers, and factory that too, locally, nationally and globally, at a very cost effective prize.
SakyTextiles ERP does the encryption and decryption of critical data when the application needs to handle the transaction of data in highly secure way.
For this purpose, an Administrator, i.e., who will be looking over the application at you can create new users, and there is no limit to the number of users. Any number of users can log-on to the system at any time because of the flexibility of application.
The SakyTextiles Application system is ideal for organizations with limited IT resources. We have many features to reduce system administration efforts. In addition SakyTextiles Application offers remote administration where we can provide support from our offices. Once the system is set-up and installed only routine maintenance and system administration required is adding new users or changing user security profiles
The balance between making data available to the users that need it and denying it from those who should not have access is not easy to achieve. To manage this risk your company needs to implement an appropriate access strategy. Do not wait for an embarrassing - and potentially devastating - event to find out that security and controls in your Application system are inadequate and constitute exposure for your company. Managing the security of Application information into and out of your organization has never been more critical - or more challenging. As businesses grow, their information systems support whole communities of users: customers, suppliers, partners and employees, who all count on the secure exchange of a wide variety of information to place orders, pay bills and keep records up to date. Our Application security specialists have the expertise, tools and methodologies to make sure that your SakyTextiles Application system includes a tailored, cost-effective security approach that dovetails with your firewall, virus scanner, spam control and backup systems.

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